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Tor Now Comes In a Box

Soulskill posted about a year ago | from the boxes-lend-credibility dept.

Encryption 150

Daniel_Stuckey writes "Tor has been in the spotlight lately as a way to keep prying eyes away from your online activities. However, to your average internet user, the covert network of relays and whatchamacallits can come off as too complex and intimidating to bother with — even as people are increasingly concerned with their online privacy in light of the NSA scandal. So goes the thinking behind Safeplug, a new hardware adapter that basically puts Tor in a box. It takes 60 seconds and 50 bucks to plug the privacy box into your router, and you're good to go, the company claims. Like anonymous browsing for dummies. The adapter comes from hardware company Pogoplug, which announced its new product yesterday and hopes it will bring Tor to the mass market by offering more consumer-friendly access. 'We want to just take what is currently available today to a more technical crowd and democratize it, making it easier to use for an average user,' CEO Dan Putterman told GigaOM."

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Make it easy? (0, Troll)

Zemran (3101) | about a year ago | (#45493885)

Have you installed TOR on a winders box recently? It is not complicated and certainly does not need a geek to help you.

Re: Make it easy? (4, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45493951)

The difference being that you have to install tor in every single device you are using, with this box you anonimize the whole traffic of your network, anyone using your WiFi is automatically routed through TOR.

Re: Make it easy? (5, Insightful)

Damarkus13 (1000963) | about a year ago | (#45494633)

But, how does it do that. The article and even the Safeplug website do not explain the mechanism it uses to redirect your traffic to Tor. There aren't even any pictures of the back off the device that I can find.

Does it sit between your gateway and your router, and transparently redirect all packets to the tor network?

Do you just plug it into a router port and point your devices at it as a proxy?

Where is the source code? If we're going to be paranoid enough to use Tor for everything, shouldn't we demand to audit the code for security holes and possible backdoors?

It just seems like a product without a niche. Most users have no desire to use Tor, and those that do are typically savvy enough to set it up themselves.

Re: Make it easy? (1)

garompeta (1068578) | about a year ago | (#45495731)

I don't see how it is so hard to understand for you, it is very simple, it is a router that connects to tor. It is super practical to anonymize a whole LAN in a single shot.

Re: Make it easy? (3, Insightful)

hairyfish (1653411) | about a year ago | (#45495071)

Or automatically routed through any proxy the supplier chooses right? I mean how would you know if this doesn't just send all traffic to a pseudo TOR network setup by the NSA which captures everything you do?

Re: Make it easy? (3, Informative)

supersat (639745) | about a year ago | (#45493987)

One of the problems with that is that sometimes your real IP can leak out. For example, if you visit a page that installs the FBI's CIPAV malware, it will bypass Tor and report the real IP. If all traffic is routed through Tor by another device, this won't work.

Re: Make it easy? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494105)

Sure - if you have malware, all bets are off. So don't use malware, then. "A page" never ever installed anything on my computer - the advantage of not using microsoft products.

Re: Make it easy? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494523)

the advantage of not using microsoft products

Aaaand that line made you sound like an unprofessional lamer.

Re: Make it easy? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494127)

unless. the device gets infected by FBI's CIPAVv2 malware.

Re: Make it easy? (1)

Kardos (1348077) | about a year ago | (#45494267)

Well that's hardly an unsolvable problem, just put another tor router box in series with the malware infested one.

Re: Make it easy? (2)

CanHasDIY (1672858) | about a year ago | (#45494397)

Well that's hardly an unsolvable problem, just put another tor router box in series with the malware infested one.

Hey, that's a good question: do the stats on these things stack? I.e., if I put 3 of them in series, am I 3X as anonymous?

Re: Make it easy? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494567)

No, you're actually 4 times more anonymous. You see, for every box you plu, you'll be twice as anonymous: 1 --> 2 --> 4 !

Re: Make it easy? (2)

Ingenium13 (162116) | about a year ago | (#45494587)

You can use Whonix in virtualbox. It basically replicates this setup, where you have a gateway VM and a workstation VM. The workstation can only access the Internet through the gateway. So if the workstation is compromised it still can't leak your IP.

Re: Make it easy? (1)

Gothmolly (148874) | about a year ago | (#45494867)

And what IP is going to be reported when the Tor gizmo on your same cable modem NAT hits the internet? Wait for it... your cable modem IP. Either that or, which I hear is a popular one.

Re: Make it easy? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494875)

Another case of the perfect being the enemy of the good. Technology does not have have to be perfect for it to be useful, furthermore there is always a cost/benefit tradeoff. Even locks that are easy to pick and windows easily broken are useful. I know that most of you have a condescending attitude towards users who are unconcerned about internet privacy. It may well their cost benefit tradeoff is far more reasonable than yours.

Re: Make it easy? (1)

garompeta (1068578) | about a year ago | (#45495745)

Unless you have a firewall to block normal internet traffic, and only allow tor traffic to go through. In that case, even if your box gets compromized, there is no way of launching a side-channel attack.

Re:Make it easy? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494015)

And you can use SelekTOR (google SelekTOR Exit Node) which makes it even easier.

Re:Make it easy? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494029)

But that's still a pain in the ass if I want to install it on all the machines in the house. Sure I could setup one machine as a firewall to do this, but again pain in the ass. I just want an appliance that's small and fanless and I can plug it in and route all network traffic through it and not spend any time worrying about configuring it.

Re:Make it easy? (3, Informative)

Splab (574204) | about a year ago | (#45494585)

The TOR busts the FBI did earlier this year was malware infecting windows users using outdated versions of TOR (for windows).

A TOR AP makes very good sense, since you can easily change MAC adr. local IP etc. to something other than the normal network, making leaks very hard to use.

We are fucked. (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45493899)

Really, this is weapons grade idiocy, truly epic.

millions of lives
"Yes, we initially wanted single payer, and we had to compromise back in 2009 for the Affordable Care Act. But, it is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives." Didja catch that peeps? "millions of lives" indeed.

First of all, I truly don't know who this idiot is, I assume he is some brain damaged rap artist or something like that.

"hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives"

This is what Democrats really think. Facts have no relevance or meaning in their lives. They *want* millions to be saved by Obama, and that's all that is really needed, the *fact* that they want it to happen is in itself an end. They want to do good, they say they are doing good, good, therefore must be happening.

In many ways it is the public school system, teachers unions and the media that is responsible for this. This nonsense cannot happen if we have an intelligent capable and moral citizenry; we clearly do not.

Oh and it get's better;

"I know where Republicans stand. They have voted 47 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, so their stance is clear. If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t pay for your medical expenses, declare bankruptcy. If you have a pre-existing condition, they’ll send you a get well card when you’re on your death-bed."

All of these things are lies. Lies that cannot be substiantiated in any way - but that doesn't matter because no one will call him on this dishonesty - no one will hold this man, or any of them to account. Republicans are the go to bad guys, the Reapers of Firefly, the Indians of your cowboys-n-indians movies, the Jews of Nazi Gernamy, the Kulaks of the USSR. You have to have a class of bad-guys to blame and distract the masses with so they do not focus their attention on the truly evil ones, the directors of this madness. The Democrats.

If you haven't read We The Living by Ayn Rand I strongly suggest it - it's a short read and worth your time. Gwan people, think outside the box for once, don't take your dogma to be gospel, challenge the authorities for a change! Think for yourself. Note I am not suggesting you blindly follow my thinking, I am honestly telling you to do your own homework, make your own decisions, challenge your own assumptions! "Question Authority" used to be the anti-establishment meme of the truly hip and cool crowd was it not? What happened to you people?

Because I can tell you for a fucking fact, Obamacare hasn't saved no millions of lives, you can be dammned sure of that. So think people, use the brains god gave you and go and find out how many lives the lightbringer has in fact saved. You will be surprised.

What's more, and no doubt is completely beyond the capacity of this Russell Simmons to understand, as one can hardly believe this chap has any understanding of history or economics in any real sense, is this;

Statism, under it's various forms (socialism, communism, fascism, whatever) is a *real* cause of death in numbers that just leave you feeling ill. Don't take my word for it, go look it up if you need to - you shouldn't have to of course if you went to high school, but the information is out there. We don't need to talk about hard numbers as there are so many discussions of this all over the history books and various web sites and suchlike. If yoiu want numbers go find them.

No political ideology has killed more people than statism; period. You can talk all you want about religeon and the like, whatever. That isn't the point.

Statism (socialism, communism, whatever you want to call it) always evolves into a tryanny and most often a dictatorial one, where the killing of anyone and everyone who disagrees with the state is the order of the day. This is an un-deniable-fact.

Now I am not saying Obama is a Nazi and wants to kill Jews - or even that we are heading that direction, not in the slightest. I am not comparing todays Democrats to Nazis, do not get me wrong.

But to see something so completely and totally disconnected from reality as some hollywood idiot praising Obama the lightbringer for "legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives" based on nothing but a drug induced vision or dream without understanding the reality of what statism really is, is unforgivable. You all know what Santayana said of course? Do you? Actually I wonder about a lot of you and will leave this one up to the reader to research.

Statism has a track record, there are bodies stacked up and hidden away and this is fact not wishful thinking. FACT people, evidence, history, this is a *real* thing and means something more than HOPE CHANGE whateverthefuck.

And these idiots can't trouble themselves to learn even the slightest bit of actual history, to speak about things from a position of knoweledge and wisdom and they just start speaking of the Hope and Change that Obama the boy-king wants to bring, to heal the sick, to lower the level of the oceans, to feed and clothe the hungry; and all these things are nothing but wishful thinking, pipe dreams, drug addled daydreams, and to them this is the important thing, more real than reality. Obama! Hey Hey Hey, Barack Hussein Obama!

And yet the Barky Ofuckface got elected not once but TWICE.

We are fucked.

Re:We are fucked. (1)

just_another_sean (919159) | about a year ago | (#45493927)

Yeah, fuck those Dems for making TOR so hard to install!

Oh, I mean, wait... What the fuck are you on about?

Re:We are fucked. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494083)

English motherfucker, do you speak it?

Re:We are fucked. (1)

Zemran (3101) | about a year ago | (#45494277)

Yes, I speak English, the problem is that I do not understand all that bollox.

Re:We are fucked. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494323)

Ok, I can try and simplity it.

If Obamacare is so awesome, why does Obama have to keep delaying it?

Re:We are fucked. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494763)

You're doing it wrong, motherfucker [programmin...fucker.com]

Re:We are fucked. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495201)

He's the Republican version of the Hosts File guy. Or a shill paid by the Republican party. Just another offtopic troll, why do you bring attention to him by responding? Look, if you like biting trollbait, please log off first before responding so your score will start at 0 and I won't see it.

Moderators, this whole subthread should be at -1, including the stupid sean.

Re:We are fucked. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495777)

I am absolutely not a Republican and am not being paid, wether you believe it or not.

Offtopic yes, but this topic would not be raised here otherwise in any shape or form, and I am truly interested in what you "intelligent" "nerds" think about this issue, I also believe there is a lot of news and information around this topic that you lot are just not exposed to in any way. C'mon nerds, information runs the planet, more information is what nerddom is all about, how can you be against more of it?

Oh I get it, it paints Democrats in a bad light and that's like crossing the beams to you lot that grew up sucking at the teat of public sector teachers by and large. "Democrats good, Republicans Bad" must be something you all mumble in your sleep. Wake up drones, there is life in the real world outside of the big government public sector list of acceptable "things to think". Challenge authority! Think outside the box! Try the Ayn Rand book, what are you afraid of it? Gwan drone, I DARE YOU!

Ask yourself an honest question; does not such a far reaching and important topic such as this deserve the full light of day, discussion and debate and investigation?

I believe it does.

Now why do you think these things - that is real debate, investigation and public discussion are so widely avoided by the media? This can only be because they have something to hide. That's what we call logic my friend. This is *your* money we are talking about, the healthcare that will be afforded to *you* and *your* children and families in the future, are you willing to accept that this should all be swept under the rug and the masses just go along with what the one party system in DC decrees is the "law of the land" (law of the land that is until any part of it is deemed inconvienient by the boy king)?

This is a topic that should be discussed at length on every possible forum and in great detail. And when details and investigations are hidden and supressed that should raise red flags and alarm bells from top to bottom; but that is not happening at all. Don't you find that the least bit curious?

Obama himself avoids all public discussion and debate, you know this to be true; why do you accept this?

Everyone knows the Nancy Pelosi line about "we have to pass it to find out what is in it", why do you accept this? The law itself is written specifically to obfuscate, it is so long as to be nearly impossible to understand; in fact the legislators who voted for it did not read it, even the staffers who effectively wrote it hardly knew what is in it and even today are themselves rebelling against it's massive increases in costs to *themselves*! Read that again - they are rebelling against the excessive costs to themselves that they didn't even know were in there!


"“In a shock to the system, the older staff in my office (folks over 59) have now found out their personal health insurance costs (even with the government contribution) have gone up 3-4 times what they were paying before,” Minh Ta, chief of staff to Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), wrote to fellow Democratic chiefs of staff in an email message obtained by POLITICO. “Simply unacceptable.”

How do you like that! Congressional staffers - who are already gettin taxpayer subsidies far and above when we the people are getting to help them pay for their Obamacare plans say the whole thing is "Simply unacceptable". Well we the people it seems can just eat cake I guess.

Oh and here's some more new news, get this, Obama officials lied about "the Anonymous Shopper function". Shocker!


That is a fundtion of the exchange that would have allowed we the people to shop for plans and compare prices more efficiently and effectively - that is to see the prices without having to create an account. Now why do you think they would be spending so much effort on hiding the prices of our plans from us? Huh?

Nothing does more to foster good government but the light of day and at every turn the Obama administration blocks and lies and delays and on and on and on. And you AC can't abide us even discussing the damn thing here on this little nerdy webblog. I wonder why?

Offtopic I get, but that is only because there is no other choice here but the offtopic and if I was you nerds this is something I would be particularly interested in, chances are good that if you don't need healthcare today you will in the future and unless you are moving to another country failin that this discussion is nothing but dead on topic.

Remember genius, I am not the one lying and distracting, it's the Democrats and the Obama administration; aren't you just the least bit curious about that whole thing?

Additional comment (4, Funny)

finkployd (12902) | about a year ago | (#45493903)

We now turn to Admiral Ackbar who I believe has a comment on this development....

Re:Additional comment (1)

bob_super (3391281) | about a year ago | (#45493999)

Indeed, "Safeplug" just makes me think of "PATRIOT" as one of these words that should make you scrutinize whoever says it.

Re:Additional comment (1, Funny)

oodaloop (1229816) | about a year ago | (#45494183)

Does it involve being able to repel firepower of that magnitude?

Re:Additional comment (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495007)

IT'S A TRAP!!! oh, and i banged Leia.

Roll your own (4, Interesting)

pegr (46683) | about a year ago | (#45493913)

Wireless Tor AP built with a Raspberry Pi: http://learn.adafruit.com/onion-pi/overview [adafruit.com]

Re:Roll your own (4, Informative)

necro81 (917438) | about a year ago | (#45494051)

That was my thought exactly: "Say, didn't Adafruit just have an article in Make Magazine about using a Raspberry Pi to make a wireless Tor proxy?" Why yes, they did [make-digital.com] .

Re:Roll your own (5, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494313)

Yeah but, when your non-technical friend asks you about using Tor, do you want to point them to Raspberry Pi and get a dirty look, point them to the browser plugin and forever be saddled with support questions, or point them to the $50 "just plug it in and forget about it" hardware and earn their gratefulness?

Re:Roll your own (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494327)

Now figure a way to make it run from solar, hide it somewhere within range of free wifi, and now you have a true anonymous TOR proxy.

Re:Roll your own (1)

John Bokma (834313) | about a year ago | (#45494551)

Decisions, decisions.... 50 USD out-of-the-box solution or tinkering your own for nearly twice that money...

Re:Roll your own (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494635)

tinkering your own for nearly twice that money...

To be fair, the safeplug isn't a wireless access point, so the Pi version might be better in some cases.

Re:Roll your own (4, Informative)

i_want_you_to_throw_ (559379) | about a year ago | (#45494715)

YES! or you can buy Adafruit's version already built with US and US intelligence friendly exit nodes excluded here for only a few bucks more PAPARouter [paparouter.com]

how is this different than a browser plugin? (1)

schlachter (862210) | about a year ago | (#45493933)

i like the idea of a $50 plug and play box for tor, but how is this different than using a browser plugin? a serious question, not being rhetorical.

Re:how is this different than a browser plugin? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494165)

Ease of use, flexibility with non-browser applications and devices (SSH, FTP, tablets, phones, etc.)

Re:how is this different than a browser plugin? (1)

Sqr(twg) (2126054) | about a year ago | (#45494275)

One difference would be that this works for every piece of software on every computer that you connect to the network after the box - not just one browser.

This can be good or bad. You may be doing something very secret on your secure, anonymous computer. Then an insecure app on your iPhone opens an unencrypted connection to some server and tells the tor exit node who you are.

Re:how is this different than a browser plugin? (1)

John Bokma (834313) | about a year ago | (#45494571)

I guess you mean the host /after/ the tor exit node.

Re:how is this different than a browser plugin? (2)

Qzukk (229616) | about a year ago | (#45495165)

No, in his scenario, the tor exit node is run by a government that is watching all the traffic come out. Then they see your iPhone connection come out with your name, phone number, GPS location, etc. and can match that to all the other streams of data coming through the same circuit.

Alternatively (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45493945)

Just use SelekTOR for easy tor exit node selection and as a nice little byproduct use the media patterns to access UK TV online, get to see the Dr Who anniversary when the Brits do, see here http://www.dazzleships.net/?page_id=71 for download and other info.

Why Pay the NSA to put a box on your connection? (2)

outofoptions (199169) | about a year ago | (#45494027)

Color me skeptical.

Put Tor in a box?? (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494053)

It's untinkable that the Mighty Tor could be trust into a box such as tis.

Re:Put Tor in a box?? (1)

CanHasDIY (1672858) | about a year ago | (#45494427)

Had to read it twice.

Good one.

Is Tor being safe? (0)

ruiner13 (527499) | about a year ago | (#45494079)

It isn't nice to refer to her as a "box". I hope he's using a condom.

Democratize it (-1, Offtopic)

bluefoxlucid (723572) | about a year ago | (#45494113)

What the hell does that buzzword mean in this context? It doesn't seem to come to putting its operational behaviors up to a vote of the people. Do they mean do like the Democrat Party of the United States: make it available for everyone but more expensive? Is the next step to pass legislation requiring everyone to have one or pay $200 fines, while making the box cost $100 per year?

Re:Democratize it (2, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494457)

From Merriam Webster [merriam-webster.com] :

to make (something) available to all people : to make it possible for all people to understand (something)

Democratization is a common term that existed long before USA appropriated "democracy" as part of their call to arms, you brainwashed yank.

Re:Democratize it (1)

wcrowe (94389) | about a year ago | (#45494517)

Hardly a buzzword. To democratize something is to make it available to all. From the Greek demos (people) + kratia (power).

Re:Democratize it (0)

bluefoxlucid (723572) | about a year ago | (#45494623)

Nice. My vocabulary is slightly larger; now I too can sound like an idiot by using words misinterpreted by other people who don't properly understand. How do I profit from this?

Re:Democratize it (1)

supercrisp (936036) | about a year ago | (#45494755)

You were offered a dictionary definition of democratize accompanied by the etymology. Whether you profit from that gift is up to you.

Re:Democratize it (1)

fatphil (181876) | about a year ago | (#45495049)

Except that's not the definition any of the sources I have access to offer:

democratize, democratise:
vb (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (tr) to make democratic

Democratization (or democratisation) is the transition to a more democratic
political regime.

verb (used with object), verb (used without object), democratized, democratizing. to make or become democratic.

democratize or democratise
      1. (transitive) to make democratic

You were right to be sceptical, it is an ambiguous and overused jargon term.

Why would we trust Pogoplug? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494145)

Their other products phone home because they are really in the business of selling online services, not network hardware.

Re:Why would we trust Pogoplug? (1)

Em Adespoton (792954) | about a year ago | (#45494209)

Their other products phone home because they are really in the business of selling online services, not network hardware.

I always just had issues with their name... does their network hardware go up and down all the time?

Re:Why would we trust Pogoplug? (1)

QRDeNameland (873957) | about a year ago | (#45494885)

My take on the name was:

We have met the enemy... and he is US.....intelligence.

Why would you trust Pogoplug? (0)

frovingslosh (582462) | about a year ago | (#45494247)

Yea, but this one doesn't phone home.Thanks to a "National Security Letter" it phones directly to the NSA. Not that it maters, since the NSA is closely monitoring all of the TOR portals anyway.

Security Theater, it's not just for airports anymore.

Re:Why would we trust Pogoplug? (1)

melikamp (631205) | about a year ago | (#45494559)

Their FAQ says the following about why safeplug is secure:


Oh, wait, it doesn't say anything. No description of the software, no developer access, "activation"? WTF is that? This is just another spy box, folks, just like your cellphone and your self-encrypting storage unit.

ep7? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494193)

Thanks, (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494217)


Sounds good (3, Insightful)

Kardos (1348077) | about a year ago | (#45494249)

But we're going to need a lot more tor nodes, particularly exit nodes

Re:Sounds good (2)

Korielus (3441269) | about a year ago | (#45494293)

The number of exit nodes really depends on the country some have plenty others not so much. I use SelekTOR myself which can be found here http://www.dazzleships.net/ [dazzleships.net] which lets you choose your exit node and also uses URL pattern matching which allows you to bypass a lot of geographic web blocks and watch UK tv for free.

Re:Sounds good (1)

CanHasDIY (1672858) | about a year ago | (#45494451)

Do they broadcast BBC4 online? I haven't seen a new episode of Top Gear in months.

That alone would be enough to get me to use the software.

Re:Sounds good (1)

Korielus (3441269) | about a year ago | (#45494573)

Everything that is available via the BBC iPlayer website is available using SelekTOR and the dowloadable media patterns, also gives access to ITV and Channel 4 catchup and unblocks various torrents sites that have been blocked in the UK. You can also create your own URL patterns.

Re:Sounds good (1)

CanHasDIY (1672858) | about a year ago | (#45494721)

Awesome to the max, will give it a shot tonight!

Thanks for the intel.

Re:Sounds good (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494621)

WTF? That site requires me to disable both NoScript and AdBlock!

Re:Sounds good (1)

Hatta (162192) | about a year ago | (#45494735)

Rather than exit nodes, we need a lot more dark net content.

Re:Sounds good (2)

StikyPad (445176) | about a year ago | (#45495433)

You first.

Whats in the box?!? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494261)

Its my Tor in a box.

Tor? Reallly? (2)

DogDude (805747) | about a year ago | (#45494307)

I honestly didn't know people still used Tor.

Last I tried it, it necessarily slowed my Net connection down to essentially unusable because of an obvious lack of "exit nodes". Besides, all it does is add some very, very simple obfuscation to what you may be doing on the Net. It doesn't in any way provide any meaningful protection. The nature of TCP/IP precludes true anonymity. People pursuing anonymity through TCP/IP are the same kinds of people looking for perpetual motion machines.

Re:Tor? Reallly? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495411)

The nature of TCP/IP precludes true anonymity

You have no idea what you're talking about.

Re:Tor? Reallly? (1)

XcepticZP (1331217) | about a year ago | (#45495829)

Lol, it's so funny reading you speak of "the nature of TCP/IP" with such blatant ignorance of the actual things involved. Obvious trolling, dude. Go to twitter.

Awesome (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494325)

Mainly like this because it makes people into Tor nodes. This is a good thing all around.

Wow! Real privacy??? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494441)

Because as well all know, there's no way Tor could be compromised by the NSA, [slashdot.org] monitoring enough entrance and exit nodes to pick up your traffic and trace it to final destination.

Why do they hate America? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494471)

Why does this country hate America? Why does it want America to fail? Terrorists and child pornographers are going to use this company's product to hurt people.

Overkill? (4, Interesting)

RevWaldo (1186281) | about a year ago | (#45494481)

Do you really need to anonymize everything 24/7, like when you're watching Netflix? Doesn't that extra traffic overload the Tor network?


Re:Overkill? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494691)

I don't want anyone to know I watched Sharknado

Re:Overkill? (2)

Kardos (1348077) | about a year ago | (#45495037)

Sorry Tim, we already know you what you watch, you paid with your credit card remember?

Re:Overkill? (1)

Kardos (1348077) | about a year ago | (#45495047)

Netflix accounts aren't anonymous, they already know everything you watch.

Re:Overkill? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495353)

Yes; you want to be able to hide the suspicious data inside the mundane. Makes it harder to figure out how to spend resources tracking you.

The only reasons this might be bad are for fear of overloading the network, and the latency.


Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494485)

Do not rely on TOR for anonymity.

Wow Black helecopter syndrom (0)

zferrini (666862) | about a year ago | (#45494545)

All I have to say is "What you are doing that important to keep secret"? I dont care if they read everything and every email i send. The only reason to be afraid of them spying on you is you are either doing something slightly illegal or imoral or you are a chimo(Child Molestor), terrorist, or just a POS human.

Re:Wow Black helecopter syndrom (5, Interesting)

Hatta (162192) | about a year ago | (#45494627)

What am I doing that's so important to keep secret? I'm minding my own business, that's what. You should do it too.

The reason we should all be afraid of the authorities spying on us is because more often than not, they are the POS humans that are the greatest threat. Remember COINTELPRO? Remember the FBI infiltrating mosques? Remember the IRS harassing political groups? Remember people like Thomas Drake being prosecuted for blowing the whistle on massive amounts of public corruption and fraud?

In an authoritarian regime, anything you do that stands out will get you unwanted attention. If you don't believe we're authortarian today, there's no guarantee we won't be in the future. If we can't protect our privacy today, how will we protect it then? If you want to live a free life, you need privacy.

Re:Wow Black helecopter syndrom (5, Insightful)

Somebody Is Using My (985418) | about a year ago | (#45495733)

As importantly, if you only encrypt things that you want keep secret, then you might as well not keep them secret at all. Not only are you waving a flag and essentially waving a red flag attracting Their* attention that you are now doing something covert ("I am done surfing Amazon.com and now intending to visit a forbidden website!"), it also makes it easier for Them to correlate your obfuscated traffic with traffic with the traffic that hits a forbidden site ("Hmmm, Bob went on Tor at 08:24:42.342 and at 08:24:42.359 traffic from a TOR exit node hit TheNSASucks.Com...").

On the other hand, if you disguise all your activity online, it makes it much harder for Them to do this sort of pattern matching.

So if you are going to use TOR - or use other similar privacy-protecting technologies or techniques - it is best used ALL the time and not just when you are doing something that specifically you don't want the bad guys to know about.

And as the previous poster indicated, just because what you are doing now isn't considered wrong doesn't mean it won't be considered immoral or illegal in the future, or used out of context by others to your disadvantage. As organizations become larger and more bureaucratic, they become more detached from the harm - intentional or otherwise - they can inflict on individuals. And it is not only governments who can cause this harm; corporations gather as much information about us and - as has been frequently been shown over the past few years - are far more careless about how they secure that information. As the old proverb goes, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'; I'd rather try to keep as much of my life out of anyone else's hands rather than try to clean up the mess after that same information is being used against me.

* They, Their and Them are generic placeholders for whichever bad guys you think are watching you, be it the NSA, KGB, KKK or Santa Claus.

Re:Wow Black helecopter syndrom (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494643)

dumbest post of the day, congratz !

Re:Wow Black helecopter syndrom (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494769)

I'm afraid that the person spying on me is immoral, a terrorist or just a POS human, and will abuse his power position. If all people were perfect we wouldn't be having this exchange of generalisations.

Re:Wow Black helecopter syndrom (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495089)

I'm afraid that the person spying on me is immoral, a terrorist or just a POS human, and will abuse his power position. If all people were perfect we wouldn't be having this exchange of generalisations.

Actually, they are pedos also because they like to watch our children online. Bunch of dirt bags, people should string them all up from trees by their necks.

Re:Wow Black helecopter syndrom (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494779)

Don't forget "false positives" - you are perfectly perfect, and god will let you in, but:
- a virus/botnet stashes evil on your PCs
- your resident juvenile lets your wifi password out to the world as a facetwit, and LOL! boobies and evil.
- LEO's with a quota get reasonably suspicious looking at something, and think its you, because, well, they think its you.
Doesn't matter if you get lucky or justice at this point, your wallet is lighter, your boss has fired you, your house is foreclosed and your wife is living at her mom's.

You get what you deserve.

Re:Wow Black helecopter syndrom (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495247)

Maybe someone wants to research problems with hemorrhoids but they don't want all of the ads showing up on their browsers. Maybe someone wants to criticize a government program and not 'get on a list'. Maybe a journalist wants to do research and not set off any NSA red flags. There ARE legitimate reasons people desire anonymity. If you don't care who sees what you do, then you are being myopic.

Using Tor requires care (5, Insightful)

Hatta (162192) | about a year ago | (#45494563)

Tor is not a magic bullet. Anything you send over Tor can be intercepted by an exit node. If you send any identifying information over Tor, all the onion routing in the world won't help you. You can easily do this accidentally, all it takes is for you to visit a page with a google or facebook script on it. You can't just plug into Tor and expect it to take care of everything for you.

The only way to use Tor securely is to partition your Tor activities from everything else you do. This is most easily accomplished with a separate computer, or a VM used only for anonymous activities. Remember, it only takes one slip up and you are identifiable. That's how they got Ulbricht, and they can get you too.

A box that you plug into and forget about is going to provide nothing but a false sense of security. Bad idea.

Re:Using Tor requires care (1)

SwedishPenguin (1035756) | about a year ago | (#45494773)

Exactly what I was going to post. If you don't take care of how you're using Tor, it will probably do more to flag you as "interesting" for the authorities to investigate further than protect your anonymity.

Not a Tor user, btw, if the NSA is listening. ;)

Daniel Stucky didn't write this (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494579)

Meghan Neil did.

Hasn't TOR been shown to be compromised? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45494653)

Thought it was already well known the the security and privacy of TOR was an illusion.

Why buy a box for this? (2)

hAckz0r (989977) | about a year ago | (#45494655)

When you can just pop in a TAILS LiveCD why do you need to buy hardware?

https://tails.boum.org/ [boum.org]

Re:Why buy a box for this? (1)

garompeta (1068578) | about a year ago | (#45495775)

I guess you missed the point: it is simple. Laziness is lucrative.

You can buy Adafruit's version already built.. (0)

i_want_you_to_throw_ (559379) | about a year ago | (#45494749)

You can buy Adafruit's version already built with US and US intelligence friendly exit nodes excluded here for only a few bucks more PAPARouter [paparouter.com]

WoW-percussions (1)

globring (192519) | about a year ago | (#45494765)

This will probably just wind up getting me banned from WoW for "suspicious activity".

Great (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#45495025)

Now put the same thing in every ISP's box and while some are at reviewing the future of the HTTP protocol let's Torify that by default too.

The cloud is dead, back to the basics, distribution, resilience, decentralization and utter win.

Rather than let NSA to monitor the traffic... (2)

fufufang (2603203) | about a year ago | (#45495515)

It is so much better to let the exit node owners to monitor your traffic right? Ok fine, they can't trace it back to you, but do expect every malicious thing possible to be done on your traffic.
http://arstechnica.com/security/2007/09/security-expert-used-tor-to-collect-government-e-mail-passwords/ [arstechnica.com]

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